The HOLC Philosophy

There's no doubt about it, you deserve skin that is moisturized & untainted by harmful chemicals. At Her Oil Love Cosmetics we know that you want to be healthy, versatile & have clear, radiant skin! In order to do that you need to be well versed in the knowledge and practice of radical self-care.

The problem is many black women are taking care of everyone else first which can cause you to age faster, weaken your immune system, increase rates of depression and anxiety, obesity, poverty, I mean sis the list goes on do you really need anymore reasons to put yourself first?

We believe that by spending time feeding your soul, nurturing your body and challenging your mind you can break generational curses. We understand this may be overwhelming which is why we've formulated the world's best skincare products, put together the best recipes, for snacks, meals, smoothies, tinctures, teas and more so you can lead a healthier lifestyle made for us by us.

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Natural & Handmade Skincare Products

Mainstream brands cut corners by:

• Adding carrier oils to "essential oil" blends

•Using chemical surfactants instead of natural oils & butters

•Using synthetic fragrance and dye compounds

•Using 1% natural ingredients but charging "natural product" prices

In the long run most mainstream brands will have your skin thirsty, you'll see tight skin with large pores and no amount of lotion keeps you moisturized for long. It's tragic we know but Her Oil Love is here to save you from the hamster wheel of big box skincare.

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  • We're passionate experts.

    Hand crafted soaping & oil blending is a specialty here at Her Oil Love & we don't skimp on the good stuff; Shea butter, Kokum butter, Avocado oil, Evening primrose oil, Rose water, Oatmeal, goat's milk & more!

  • We use;

    • Only the finest, most sustainable ingredients; we source all over the world 🌍 from women led villages of crafters & herbalists.

    •The highest environmental standards; Soaping is a science👩🏾‍🔬 so safety, sanitization and organization are 🗝️.

  • We're future oriented so...

    • Minimal packaging 📦; we try to eliminate waste as much as possible to help the environment!

    • Fair Pricing 💵; we price our products so that natural living can be seen as more of daily living instead of a luxury.

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vagina, yoni, pussy scrub, with calendula, organic canse sugar, shea butter, rose petals, comfrey, calendula, agrimony and more.

We serve the needs of the few. . .

We know usually the needs of the few do not come before the needs of the many. HOLC has over 20 years of experience addressing melinated skincare needs & 12 years of experience blending oils for skin & hair.

If you have skin conditions like:

• eczema,



•dry and/or brittle hair and nails,

•or vitamin deficiencies

then Her Oil Love has the ability to alleviate your symptoms with natural products & remedies. HOLC can provide affordable, sustainably sourced, natural, handmade products for all your skincare needs.

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Apothecary for the Soul 💜

Botanical dyes + nourishing oils + gentle scents - inspired by the guiding principles of multigenerational remedies.

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Why is your soap so much more than brands I can get from Walmart or Target?

"big box brands" are able to mass produce their "soap" at low costs because they're not using natural ingredients, they're cutting corners by using surfactants (what makes the soap suds) found in kitchen & bathroom cleaner, hair dyes, dish soap and laundry detergents. these ingredients are harmful to your skin & hair and often the affects are not seen or experienced until many years have passed or a chronic condition arises.

Her Oil Love ONLY uses the highest quality ingredients! in order to make soap you need oil, water, & ash (salt) but larger brands use low grade oils that are not pure which results in highly fragranced, chemically enhanced suds that aren't actually cleaning your skin.

Is this witchcraft? I thought apothecary was for witches?

The short answer is no. We are not witches.

Apothecary is as much involved in the culture and heritage of the African diaspora as curly hair routines, our ancestors throughout history no matter what their circumstances used apothecary to help them through tough seasons of hunger, ailment and more. HOLC expands on this knowledge via the skin and hair care products created as well as via podcasting and blogging about the history of the African diaspora.

I'm allergic to nuts of all kinds and have a hard time finding brands without any nut based soaps do you have any?

Yes! We have 100% olive oil beauty bars that we sell by the 1/2 loaf (4)& full loaf (9). These are special order soaps. Please email to place a special order.