The Origins of Her Oil Love Cosmetics Company

The Origins of Her Oil Love Cosmetics Company

Thank you for stopping by my store! As far as blog posts go, I will try to get straight to the point. Her Oil Love Cosmetics Company was founded & established in 2015 by me, Regina but you can call me Gigi. There are many reasons and experiences that brought me to this point in my natural hair journey and I will create a detailed hair journey post at a later date. 

Her Oil Love was in response to a struggle to find viable natural hair products and solutions when I went natural back in 2008. As a young adult who had just left for college to Norfolk State University my first year in school was full of self-discovery, self-love, and heritage. I began to understand what it meant to be a black woman in America. I was cocooned by my people and allowed to learn and grow in an environment where in all areas of education there were beautiful and illustrious black people from all over the world. In 2008 going natural was not as accepted, and celebrated as it is now; it was an act of defiance to European beauty standards and militancy towards anyone who refused to accept that this is me. 

My natural transition was difficult because there were only a handful of black beauty influencers who advocated for and wore their natural hair, not to mention there were literally no products specifically for our hair needs. Everything marketed to us had petroleum and additives that clogs our pores and breaks our hair. Many of my peers were scared of the unknown because we had been perming our hair so long we didn't even know what our REAL hair texture looked like and felt like.

At this point my hair was so damaged from the creamy crack that I had nothing to lose; this pivotal decision changed my life forever. I began wearing my crown confidently and frequently walked around campus with a fully blown out afro, reminiscent of Angela Davis. As a sociology major I felt equally empowered by my peers inquisitive stares, my teachers silent nods of approval and my parents enthusiasm to continue even though I was often the only natural woman in a sea of black faces. 

Fast forward to 2015 after 7 years of trial and error, hair cuts and colors I decided I still needed more. Most mainstream cosmetic companies had jumped on the bandwagon and started adding trace amounts of natural oils like Argan, Olive and Jojoba Oil to their products to target our demographic. In addition new brands emerged that were for us, by us that were almost impossible to find before even though they'd been in business many years. I wanted to focus on educating myself and creating a foundation that would allow me to bring value and a wealth of knowledge to my people as new and old generations embrace their culture unapologetically. 

So I say to little black girls and boys surrounded by white faces and European standards of beauty, young adults and mature alike you are loved. I see you, I hear you, I feel you. Please know that every product created is with you in mind. Every detail is carefully analyzed before it's presented to you, because you are loved. 

Never feel ashamed, never feel afraid to embrace who you are. When you love yourself it is a sign of rebellion to those who oppress you. 

So, are you a rebel?






** Originally posted Oct. 26th, 2020.