The Ultimate List of Coffee Benefits for Your Skin

The Ultimate List of Coffee Benefits for Your Skin

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, our nation (USA) has been addicted to coffee since before the civil war, yet during the civil war it was used to keep the union energized for the fight and has been a staple for the US Military ever since!

Let's take a deeper dive into the benefits of coffee and how instead of ingesting it we can use it in our skincare routines to help us age effortlessly honey! 

Firstly coffee belongs to the Rubiaceae family, it has over 6,000 species of this herbaceous plant; the Coffee Arabica that we're used to drinking grows in shrubs and small trees and is native to Southern Africa and tropical parts of Asia most notably Kenya, & the Mediterranean, however it can be grown in any tropical environment and is why Caribbean and South American Coffee is also prevalent in the market.

Coffee is known as a cash crop..(are we back in middle school?) Its harvesting has sustained villages and nations for centuries providing support and income to many by stimulating the masses; but what about the OTHER benefits of Coffee??, we de-value Coffee so much by simply straining it through water, adding milk and charging $5 per cup 🙄. 

What if I told you coffee can get rid of that cellulite... huh Sally? yeah now your ears are perking up, eyeballs bulging. YES! Coffee helps to reduce and rid your thighs of that God awful cellulite. Whooo hooo!! Look out Virginia Beach! along with that coffee includes copious (a whole lot) amounts of Vitamin A & B-3.

Vitamin A is the star in the family for anti-aging properties and assists with inflammation and irritated skin as well, imagine that! Vitamin B-3 also helps prevent skin cancer!

SO, quick recap:

1. Coffee was used during the American Civil War

2. Coffee is a shrub plant in the Rubiaceae family and has over 6,000 species! 

3. Coffee is native to Southern Africa and Tropical Asian regions but is grown throughout the Caribbean and South America.

4. Coffee Helps reduce inflammation, cellulite, the aging process, AND Hyperpigmentation!

5. Coffee contains Vitamin B-3 which has been clinically proven to prevent skin cancer. Sooooo duh! You need this Sweet Kahawa Coffee Scrub! Thank ME now and your skin will thank you later! 😊


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