Step 2: Choose Your Skincare Accordingly

Let's get down to business so we can get you on the right path to clear & radiant skin. There are three common skin types; sensitive, oil and combination. Below there are explanations of the symptoms for each, click the one which closely matches your skin to reveal your specially formulated Her Oil Love Cosmetics products. 

Sensitive Skin: Your skin may show some or all of these signs: dryness, flakiness, it's reactive and sometimes stings or burns when you use products, itchy, prone to redness and acne, you may develop rashes easily and you fear the sun. If this sounds like you click the link below 😊


Oily Skin: if your skin is oily this is hardly news to you however in the spirit of being thorough for those who may be new to the process here are the signs of oily skin: its shiny, textured, an active t-zone area, prone to acne, oil tends to built up and create a sheen on your face midday. if this is you, your path to freedom is in the link below ⬇️


Combination skin is exactly that a combination of sensitive/dry and oily skin. Your skin may present as dry one moment especially during the winter and then later in the day or early morning it is brimming with oil. If this sounds like you your care package is in the link below 🎁