King's Blend Beard Oil

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Having trouble growing your beard? Is your facial hair scraggly or breaking off? Did you knick yourself this morning? 

Look no further! Her Oil Love's new "King's Blend" beard oil has the solution to your beard needs no matter what stage you're in in your #beardgang journey. Just as women want thick healthy hair, we want to see our men with thick healthy beards. This oil will provide many benefits to your hair and skin care regimen. 

This beard oil promotes:

Moisture retention, stimulates hair growth with regular use, and can be a natural aid for cuts, and razor burn. It also softens your hair and adds a healthy sheen. Your hair is one of the first impressions someone will have of you, make it a good one!

Add this beard oil to your cart and continue your healthy hair journey. 

Use: 1. Wet your face 2. Cleanse with the hydrating Lavender + Hemp shampoo bar. 3. Apply beard oil 3-5 drops at a time as needed. Finish off your morning routine with the Magnificent Skin daily toner. 

It is not recommended you use this on dry hair, this oil blend seals in moisture however if your hair is dry it will seal in dryness and/or sit on top of your hair and never penetrate the follicle.

*** A little goes A LONG way***

Alternative uses can be a scalp conditioner, and cuticle oil.

Ingredients: Organic Hemp seed oil, Baobab oil, Evening primrose oil, 6x refined Emu oil, Calendula oil, tomato seed oil.

This is safe for women too but you should hide it from her! She will want this and you'll never get it back!